Mist Type Water Jet Vacuum System

MREPL has developed Mist Type Water Jet Vacuum Condensers, which perform multiple function of condensation of vapours as well as production of vacuum in the same unit by water pressure only. Also Combo Vacuum System for Vacuum up to 0.1Torr(a) is now in operation successfully. Here, use of Steam Jet Ejector or Vacuum Pump is nullified / reduced, saving huge amount of coal / power.

Mist Type Water Jet Vacuum Condenser (MTWJVC)

MTWJVC is used when vacuum upto 55Torr(a) is required. MTWJVC uses water alone to effectively condense vapours as well as produce vacuum by using combination of patented Mist Creator Nozzles & Pencil beam Shooter Nozzles. Hence use of Steam Jet Ejector or Vacuum Pump is nullified.

Mist Type Combo Vacuum System (Under Technical know-how of M/S. HCPL, Mumbai)

As name suggests, Mist Type Combo Vacuum System, uses small quantity of steam & water to achieve vacuum up to 0.1Torr(a). Conventional booster steam ejector consume high amount of steam. With innovative design of Combo Vacuum System, there is direct saving of up to 50% steam consumed.

Salient Features of MTWJVS

  • Constant vacuum by water
    Constant vacuum up to 705 mm Hg (55 Torr abs.) by water only.
  • Constant vacuum of Steam and water combination
    Constant vacuum up to 0.1 Torr using combination of Steam and water from our “Combo” System.
  • Guaranteed saving
    Guaranteed saving of Steam from 30 to 100%.
  • Operation & maintainance
    Easy operation and negligible maintenance.
  • Space Requirement
    Less space required as compared to Conventional system.
  • Life span
    Life of more 15 to 20 years due to high quality MOC.
  • Payback Period
    Payback Period of less than one year only.