Mist Type Air Handling Unit

MREPL has developed most efficient skid mounted Mist Type Air Handling Unit for comfort cooling & humidification application. Our patented technology of Mist creator Nozzles with orifice bore of > 9 mm is used for creating very fine mist.

It consists of Air Wash Chamber, in which fine mist is created at a pressure of 2 bar by circulation pump. Specially designed multi-pass PVC mist Eliminators are placed to arrest carryover of mist particles and allow only washed clean and cool air to pass through.

Axial fan placed at the outside of mist eliminators is used to pressurize and distribute air evenly in the required places.

We do not use any cellulose pads inside wash chamber and hence no pressure or volume loss of air flow, creating very fine mist. This helps in excellent evaporation of water thus giving air temperature as low as Wet bulb temperature of air giving comfort cooling. This can also be used for maintaining specific humidity inside hall.

Salient Features for Mist Type AHU

  • Most Efficient air cooling achieved with air temperature upto WBT of air at minimum power & water consumption.
  • Efficiency
    For Humidification applications, Guaranteed humidity level upto 90% is achieved with 90% + efficiency.
  • Mist Formation Chamber
    No Air Gaps left in mist Screen formation inside wash chamber.
  • Mist Creator Nozzles
    Heavy Duty Nozzles manufactured from SS 304 having life of 15 to 20 years. Mist Spray Nozzles with >9 mm bore gives choke-less operation.
  • Nozzle Arrangement
    Mist Spray Nozzles are installed on multiple pipe lines inside chamber with individual isolation values, enabling user to operate Air washer at reduced flow rate as per requirement of ambient conditions helps saving on pumping power.
  • Fully automatic
    Fully automatic model with humidity control feature available.