Products for Sugar Industry

MIST COOLING SYSTEM is used as a superior alternative for various types of spray systems and conventional cooling towers.

Due to unique design of our Advance MCS, you can expand your sugar factory without any extension of your spray pond. While expanding the plant capacity there arises need for expansion of Spray Pond, causing tremendous civil construction cost as well as consuming additional space. Considering this aspect, MREPL has introduced a new concept of Revolutionary 8-way Header Design with Enhanced Efficiency Mist Creator Nozzles. It is now possible to install entirely new MCS for Final expanded capacity of Sugar Plant by replacing old Spray System in the existing Spray Pond only, saving considerable cost and space. This is achieved without compromising the original efficiency of our Mist Cooling System. Advance MCS ensures a constant cold water temp. of 32°C with a temperature drop of 10°C to 12°C throughout year with a very low working pressure of 0.8 to 1 kg/cm2. Advance MCS has been successfully commissioned at various plants with Gravity type pond also.

Louver Type Mist Cooling System (NO FANS USED) is used for water cooling in Power Plants as a superior alternative to conventional cooling towers. It combines technology of cooling towers & Mist Cooling in a unique fashion thus giving excellent results with reduced Energy requirement & totally maintainace free operation. LTMCS requires only 50% of Plot size as compared to open pond. Also due to Louver Type design water losses due to drift are limited to less than 0.02%.

Mist Cooling Tower built out of complete stainless steel material of construction is effectively used to cool hot water temperature from 90˚C to around 32˚C in one stroke, thus saving huge amount of pumping / fan power. Plot size required is equivalent to Cooling Tower.

Our uniquely designed single entry condensers work on the principal of mist formation, and ensures required vacuum of 650 mm hg with minimum water to vapour ratio of 35 to 40 kg/kg. All nozzles inside the condenser are made out of stainless steel 304 M.O.C. with choke-less design thus making these condensers far more superior than other available condensers in the market. Condensers can be offered in manual or Fully Auto mode.