Mist Evaporation System for Zero Liquid Discharge

MREPL is recognized as pioneer of Revolutionary Mist Cooling System having more than 25 years of experience and over 250 installations in various industries. We now offer an Innovative Mist Evaporation System for Zero Discharge of Effluent.

Mist Evaporation System combines our unique Mist Cooling Technology with Natural Heating module to achieve Zero Discharge of Effluent / RO reject. This unique system does not require any use of steam and consumes very low power, thus making it a superior alternative to conventional zero discharge system requiring Large Evaporators.

zero discharge of liquid photo3
zero discharge of liquid photo1
zero discharge of liquid photo2

Design Concept / Working :

Principle used behind the technology is Green Energy where Coal / any other Fuel is not burnt for disposal of effluent. Effluent is either evaporated by atomizing it to fine Mist by our patented system, which operate as a stand alone unit, or when the operation demands higher efficiency, a combination of Mist Evaporation and Natural Heating Module using Solar heat, Excess steam, Waste Heat-which consumes no fuel / steam, is used.

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