1980 Invention of Mist Creation Technology by Late Mr. Arvind S. Chitale – As a result of extensive R & D
1981 Inception of company as “Electron & Electrons”
1981-1988 Widespread of Mist Cooling System in Sugar Industry
1988 1st Export of Mist Cooling System to Malaysia & Brazil
1990 Re-Inception of company as Mist Ressonance Engg. Pvt. Ltd.
1991-1995 Steady Growth in Sugar Industry
1996-2000 Widespread of Mist Cooling System in Sugar Sector on PAN India basis & overseas
2000-2003 As a result of continuous R&D, Mist Cooling System became viable for Continuous Process Plants as “Superior Alternative to conventional Cooling Tower”
2004 Obtained Patent for Improved Mist Creator Nozzle.
1st Installation of MCS in Process/Power sector at M/s Smartchem Industries (Group Co. of M/s Deepak Fertilizers Ltd.) and at M/s Haldia Petrochemicals Ltd., only petrochemical complex in WB then.
2007 Became Proud Member of CTI (Cooling Technology Institute, Houston)
2008 100th Installation in Process/Power Sector and foray in Govt. sector through installation in “Department of Atomic Energy”
1st Installation of Louver Type MCS (LTMCS), a marvel of a design, with reduced Footprint and very low windage loss.
Introduced Water Based Vacuum Technology through 1st installation of Mist Type Water Jet Vacuum Condenser as a superior alternative to Steam Jet Ejectors and Vacuum Pumps
2011 Entered in PSU sector through installations at GAIL, IOCL, OPGC etc.
2012 Introduced Combo Vacuum System under technical Know-how of M/s HCPL, Mumbai, renowned consultants in Heat Exchange Technology
2013 Successfully developed the Pilot Plant of Mist Evaporation System for Zero Liquid Discharge
2014 1st Installation of Mist Evaporation System for Zero Liquid Discharge in Nagpur
2015 Mist & Cool - Launch of Innovative M & C System for Humidification and Cooling
Start of new entity for Africa region with commercial alliance with M/S.SPENOMATIC EAST AFRICA LIMITED. Nairobi.
2016 MREPL receives the prestigious “G. S. PARKHE AWARD” given by MCCIA for year 2016 in category of Industrial Innovation

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