MCS as water spray support to air cooled condensers (Under Development)

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Concept :

Globally , there is a growing need for both Electric power & water. Due to large scarcity of water, this may lead to conflict between water for power plant cooling requirements & water for other agricultural, residential, or environmental uses. Hence there is a huge inclination towards use of dry cooling ( Air Cooling) to be an attractive alternative to the use of wet cooling basically on the grounds of water conservation.

It is well known that dry cooling on one hand will substantially reduce the need of water in process/ power plants, can cause on the other hand reductions in plant efficiency & out-put during hottest periods of the year.

Mist Ressonance Engg. Pvt. Ltd. has come out with a solution by designing Mist Cooling System for Air Cooled heat exchangers/ Condensers where air temperatures are reduced by 8°C to 10°C during hot period of the year. Water quantity required for doing this is approx 1/10th of what a water Cooled Cycle would require & hence providing a perfect way of running you Process /Power plants at its designed efficiency throughout the year without any water/ environmental issue.

Purpose of Installation of MCS for ACHE :

ACHE is designed to cool/condense product fluid/steam from process plant by air at certain max. ambient temperature.

Normally in peak summer, the air temperature exceeds the designed temperature mainly in day time. This reduces the efficiency of ACHE by considerable amount. Hence for running the ACHE with same efficiency in summer as like winter months, air has to be cooled to design temperature by some external medium. We propose to do this by passing this inlet air through a water/mist curtain before entering ACHE.

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